Two new characters

I came across two new characters that were added to the pool. Admittedly I forget their names already as I’ve only seen each of them once, but I kind of wish we would get more updates on established characters and story content for the ones who still don’t have any before more characters, without story content as well, were added. But I also get that they were likely thrown into the profile pool of the many characters we can’t match with yet to keep the hype and anticipation of what’s to come.


I just encountered them, I thought Alex Frederik is a counterpart of Blake Bailey but I just saw on another site that his counterpart is Keanu Hale

I just encountered Alex for the first time. Maybe he and Jade are each other’s counterparts: male and female LIs for one storyline.

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I would be down for a storyline shared between a male and female LI for once instead of the usual of storylines shared by the same gender characters.