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Two new features. Creature collections and alliance wars

Creature collections : when you completed a collection for families like for example stegosaurs you get rewards for it

Alliance wars : this doesn’t differ from the other games that have a clan vs clan feature. Like in leagues all members win the same reward but in this case you can winn boss dna instead of hybrids


Nice idea, I like it!

I just want a feature where we can get boss dna besides raids. My highest level creature is 23 so i can’t join boss raids

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Both ideas are great! Hopefully Ludia can take them seriously.

I like your idea, I hope that in 2.5 they are incorporated into the game

I also want more interaction animations for sanctuaries

I mean, that’s my highest, and I just got Hadros Lux

Alliance fight to win Boss DNA? I think people would use it to farm Rare(hard to get! Not Rare rarity) DNA! Imagine you create a Clone alliance and fight with your Main alliance! So what happen? That’s make the game unfair!

I don’t see how this would happen

This would happen really bad

In jw:tg if you collect a spesific dinosaur it would reward you for completing a collection
I want something similar to that in jwa

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Yep me too. The rewards should be bucks, coins and an incubator for the families. But you only unlock the incubator if you completed a collection


I mean, would it actually happen? I doubt that someone would get another device and make an alliance to fight, plus even if they did I doubt you’d be able to choose which alliance you’re gonna be fighting, I think it would just be randomised


That’s actually the point!

What’s the point? If it’s randomised what’s the point of creating another alliance?

I mean! Just make it Randomize! And none can use A.W to farm dna! I just too busy to said Everything clearly! Sorry…

Okay, I get it