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Two new hybrids announced? 1.6 hype


Woot woot!


@Heather pretty sure you called this?!


Looks like this would be Proceratm and Edmontoguana, if I am not mistaken… At least, if what Metahub got what was correct.

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ortho??? woa would have never guessed lol


Procera and orni seems like a monomimus jr…hoping its viable as it could be an immune nullifier… hoping it doesnt get evasive stance…

I dont have much hope for the other hybrid… being that its an epic… hopefully atleast as useful in the lower arenas as ourano.


OOOooH! Proceratmimus is MINE!

I have been collecting Ornithomimus and Proceratosaurus DNA for months now, hoping they’d get a hybrid.

My time has come… This girl is Monomi’s younger cousin!

ascends to the heavens

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I walked passed a edmonto today and I completely ignored it…Not that I see so many. Doh!


Ive been darting him since the data mine


For epic hybrids the parents need to be level 10 correct? Or is it 15?


Level 10 for epics


Thank u ^-^


Is that a different render for the procera hybrid?


The old render was a corrupted file apparently… its mention in the other thread labeled misdirection.


The picture for the “proceratasaurus” hybrid was different in the original banner. Now it’s a hybrid with Ornithominus? I thought is was going to be a Proceratosaurus Gen 2.


I love how they look already!

Just wish I had more ornitho DNA

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Ornithomimus is currently a very common spawn. Is the rare I find most frequently (daytime, global).


Got these ingredients at fuse lvl and with tons of DNA ready yay. I was wondering about the huge orni and procera spam in arena incubators, Now what are the other(the potentially viable ones) made out of? These spoilers are practically half the patch notes! I’m drooling with anticipation ROFL :yum: