Two new skill suggestions

Here’s a couple ideas for different dino skills:

FEAR: Dino is immobilized. % chance to force dino to swap

BLIND: Dino is distracted, add dodge. Cannot see opponent’s actions for one round

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How would that work. You already can’t see the opponents actions. It should be your own actions are covered and then scrambled.

That would not be fair. Think about it, you have to guess and guessing games are stressful. Your Velociraptor vs your opponent’s utahraptor, the chance for you to win is 50%. So please, Ludia, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT add Blind if it’s gonna make your moves covered and scrambled, or at least either one or the other, but do NOT add both.

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But one without the other would not work, because you should know the order of your moves if they are hidden, and if they are just scrambled, you can still see them. Also, blindness is only temporary, and it should only belong to Dilophosaurus gen 1 and 2, Titanoboa gen 1 and 2, and any descendants. This means that Utahraptor would not have it.