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Two of the same creatures in tournament battle?

Hey there,

I am sure this is either a glitch or an AI or both (hopefully not a cheater?), but I just battled 2 kalenkens in the same round. Needless to say, it wasn’t a fair fight. Also… I think that the same opponent brought in a Utah raptor that I may have done damage to earlier (though I can’t quite remember it they swapped out before I could). Anyways, definitely 2 kalenkens :rofl:. I was just about to defeat one of the kalenkens when the other showed up :unamused::roll_eyes::joy::grimacing::upside_down_face::laughing::open_mouth:

@zBatman another day, another doug. are you still there?

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Perhaps one of them was a Phorusrhacos?

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He’s still playing according to his youtube channel :slight_smile:


Not as active but definitely still at it! Was going to unlock a 5th dino recently but people atarted blowing me up saying wait ‘till I max my team first.

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Hmmmm… possibly! I was really tired :rofl::crazy_face: