Two of the same dino on a team?


So just faced a opponent who had two diloranosaurus and beat me, I would give his name but I guess ludia doesn’t want me to warn you guys about his name but I did tried to look for his name and I couldn’t find it in my recent player list so maybe he is hacking the game to hide his name from player view?


You must be facing against a bot.


Well if that’s the case, why would the bot have legendary dinos in his two let alone two of the same legendary dinos on his team lol, completely unfair


Hey guys a note on naming other players in posts. By and large this is done for negative reasons (you lost to them, you think they are cheating, etc) this is called Name and Shame and is considered rude.

We do do not allow Name and Shame in our forums.

We are also aware of the ‘2 of the same Dino on a team’ issue and the team is working on a fix.


Well I didn’t name them but I know, and thanks for the update!