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Two options for level-up one time offers?


Hey Ludia,

First time poster here. How about giving two options for those one time incubators when leveling up? Maybe throw in a lesser, $20 option in addition to the $50 offer thats given every time? I assure you Im not the only player out there that will never give up that kind of money for a mobile game…but might give a $20 incubator some serious thought!

Would anyone else out there consider a $20 offer that thinks the $50 price tag is too steep?


I couldn’t agree with u more!! I would love a $20 offer for sure!! :smirk:


I would probably buy a $20 offer every level up. I will definitely never pay $50 for one. Thank you for posting this. There are some people that want to spend money on the game…but sorry Ludia, I draw the line way before $50.


Yes please. Give us option to choose which one time offer we want to buy after level up. And please give us more time to buy it, like give us one week to consider if we want to buy it. I hate it when I don’t have money and I have to wait untill I have some so that I can finally level up.