Two other bugs

People already talked about one of these bugs which is the scale search quest bug, it’s the weekend and we are supposed to get all colors not just yellow since friday, they decreased the number of scales we get from the chests and the scale quest is bugged and they are not fixing it it seems, I accept all the game to be bugged( which already is happening), but don’t want ANY bug in the scale search, the scales are very rare(especially now). The second one, which was supposed to be fixed, is the freezing board, I just encountered this in the stormfly event. So here we are, talking to our selves, we encountered lots of problems and obstacles, and they are joking on Twitter as if everything is okay, and most likely, they will fix these bugs( and create new ones of course, their players must always get annoyed, they like when people hate them it seems)in the next update , so one month or more to get an update accompanied by tens of new bugs that will just ruin the game for us more than it already is, just give us a minor update these days to get rid of these bugs and rebalance the whole game, just listen to your players for once!