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Two Park Questions


When using a scent capsule do you have to be in the green area to get the park spawns? The very center dot of your location? Or further out to your 50m reach?

How can I tell if a park is properly identified on Google Maps as one? I tried going to a large park with walking trails, benches, plaques, and even a playground, but it wasn’t green space at all. On Google maps it does say Park beneath the line for stars and reviews but it doesn’t even show up as green on Google when I search for Park.

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You need to be pretty close. Dinos spawn around 20m. Better step in the green field.

Parks are a real problem. Some parks are not linked to the game like yours.
And then you find people like me who have no real or ingame park in a 20km area …

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I hunt parks regularly. Park only spawns can spawn two blocks from the actual green area on the in-game map. You do not need to be actually standing in the green part. The chances of a park spawn spawning are greater if you are near enough to the park for your circle to be halfway inside, as in walking on a sidewalk beside the park area.

If it is a park you plan on hunting regularly, walk it without a scent, to locate the proximity spawn points. Some regularly spawn rares and park exclusive. Once you have those located put the scent on and walk that route. The chances of the scent producing a desirable park rare are better at the proximity points, or where rare regularly pop up.

I do not regularly run into Park Epic, it is random where they appear.


Mate, have you tried a national park?
This is the Lake District:

I’m kinda glad to say I don’t live here XD

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National Parks can be few and far between. I don’t know about the previous poster but I’m trying to keep myself to 30-minute driving time for a place I’d go to for playing.


An awesome answer, many thanks. Now I hope someone can handle the google maps question on telling if proper on google.

I do plan to hunt regularly if I find one within reasonable distance and I figured since I get 2 scent capsules nearly every day it would be better to spend them at a park. Though I must say I’ve been using them mostly stationary at home and It isn’t that rare to get a rare to pop up from one of the 3 spawns. Twice I’ve gotten a local epic too.

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