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Two players looking for an alliance (WE HAVE ALREADY GOT AN ALLIANCE, THANK YOU SO MUCH)

My son and I are regular players, we do daily missions, we play tournaments and RAIDs, and we are looking for an alliance so that we can contribute a lot. We are in Brazil, we unlock STEGOCERAS, which would help in the sanctuaries for players outside the Americas.


Hi and welcome to the forum I’m from JWA fever we get 10/9 on weeklies and consistently get 400/500k in championships and have a dedicated team to help u beat any raids at any level we also are generous with dna donation and discord is not mandatory though it is suggested we have high level sanctuaries and you can put dinos of your choice in most of them however you will need to mantain trophy count and get minimum ten takedowns each tournament to stay on the team I am still unsure if we have a space to accept you both and can get back to you regarding that within 24 hours since you both seem to be good players if you are interested

Dino Tyme World is looking for a few more serious players! I hope to find people who are willing to join our discord or our FB messenger to have the communication that we need to succeed .
We are apart of Ark, so we will maintain 3 lvl 20 sanctuaries
We always reach Rank 8 (4weeks)-Rank 9(5weeks tournament) in alliance Championship.
10/10 weekly mission reward (always finnish before the weekend :sunglasses:)
We also have some father and son member in our alliance :))

AncientDNA is open!

OK I will wait for your return, thank you.

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Good news we can make slots for the two of you! I look forward to seeing you soon! Apply to JWA fever so we can get in you in the team also do you and/or your son use discord?

@Jeferson_Rosa_Diniz has been recruited.

Oh he joined dinotyme?

Oh I don’t manage that alliance. I manage JWA Paleontology.

So he has decided to join ur alliance JWA Paleontology instead?

He has not joined it quite yet, but has joined the discord server.

@Jeferson_Rosa_Diniz please confirm are you joining JWA Fever or JWA Paleontology

Good afternoon folks, I accepted the request from @MINMI, I am very grateful for everyone’s offer, I will join JWA Paleontology. May everyone be very happy in their alliances. Thank you all very much, once again.

Welcome to the club man :sunglasses:

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OP found alliance