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Two questions about the game I don't know

Hello everyone, I have two questions about the game that I would appreciate if someone could answer me.

  1. I know that not all creatures have the same possibilities of appearing at all times. A “daytime” creature has a better chance of appearing during the day than at sunset, an “anytyme” creature has more options of going out at night than during the day, etc. But does anyone know when there is a greater chance of an event creature appearing hunting weekly, like the Mammoth this week? On the other hand, understanding that there are the same options in the four zones of the game, are there fewer options in an area considered a park because this zone is also shared by one of the four zones?

  2. Is there any chance to see how much DNA of a creature we have once the limit is passed? For the rare and common I can see it if someone asks for DNA of that creature in the alliance but for the epics I do not know how to see it and perhaps I have already passed the 50,000 in Baryonix or the 500,000 in Miragaia (I could see this in requests)

Thanks in advance

I can answer 1.) Wolly Mammoth can swpan better at night due to less swpans at night. Zones and Parks can interfier sharing the same swpans. Day will never swpan at night or night in Day. Anytime is well ANYtime.