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Two questions

First of all I’ve recently subscribed the newsletter. When does it arrive and what kinds of rewards does it have?
Next I’ve planned to save 100k loyalty points how long should that take?


I think once a month, could be wrong. However the rewards were usually 300 Dino Bucks.

Somewhere between one day and a hundred years. :eyes:




I don’t think a hundred years. Maybe a full year

It was a joke

I know it was a joke

I am not expert of LPs. Maybe just 5 months? If ur VIP it is always less.

I’m not VIP but I calculate on making about 10K a week with all the PVE events that give them out plus trades in the harbour and occasional PVP wins. Some weeks are better than others, if there is a legendary unlock on Mondays for example you get 650, if only super-rare then 325. I am level 88, you get more opportunities at higher levels with higher level unlocks. I always do them even if I don’t want the dino to get the LPs, then you can sell any unwanted dinos for LPs also. It’s still slow but if you spend none you could do it in 10 - 12 weeks.


Are you non VIP?

Either way it depends highly on how much you play and what you prioritize in the game especially the trade harbor.

As non VIP I prioritize LPs pretty much above everything, I also don’t do all the PvE but I try to do most of the ones that give packs with LPs especially the gold packs.

With that being said since last Friday (1st day of Edmontosaurus tourny). I’ve been able to go from around 3500 LPs to 29,500 LPs. Note: 3900 of that was from tournament card packs. Dom win for the tournament, CoT card pack, and Edmontosaurus card pack I landed on.

So if things line up and the trade harbor treats you well you can collect a decent amount fairly quickly.


That is a lot of LP for a non vip in a week, how did you manage it?
Even if you remove the pack LP’s its still a lot.

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My friend, it depends on the average LP you earn per day.
If you earn around 500 Lp a day then it could take you around 200 days.
If you earn 1000 LPs a day then in 100 days it’s done.
I managed to do 10,000 LPs in 18 days, this means that in 180 days I get to 100,000 LPs.
As for the Newsletter, I think I’ll make a tutorial for everyone!

Luck of random trades from the trade harbor and I typically do 2 custom trades per day for LPs and probably average around 600 LPs from those, more if I have legendary creatures to trade. Stake holders event and If I have decent DB’s I’ll spend 950 DBs on the re roll. I did that this week and landed on 1500 LPs on the re roll.

All that plus the various 650 LPs from the PvE gold packs throughout the week.

Pic i posted last Friday in the Edmontosaurus tournament thread showing around 3600 LPs

Pic from right now. Apparently I also managed to save over 60k of DNA in that time too, not including what I’ve spent.


So you buy an extra custom trade for 250 DB a day?
Also you trade legendaries you dont need for LPs? Or what do you usually offer for LPs.

Yes, I spend 250 DB’s per day for the extra trade, again, I value LPs more than DBs… for the most part, kinda equalish really but either way.

If I have legendaries I can’t hatch I will trade those for LPs. I just traded a scraphognathus for just over 600 LPs

If i don’t have anything like that to trade I do Apato fossils for LPs, Typically get anywhere from 250 -330 LPs for an AF. So for the 250 DBs for the 2nd custom trade at worst I’m getting 1:1 LPs for DBs but I typically get more. For whatever reason on my one daughters game she almost never gets less than 300 LPs for AF’s, I routinely get less than 300 though.


Ah alright thanks a lot, yea I do AF to LP trades with my custom trades as well, since Im not a VIP and I dont have a great coin production yet it seems more sensible for me to do that rather than try my luck at a roulette.

I get anywhere from 260-340 LP as well. I used to get lower when I was lower levelled but now Im getting closer to 300ish or more if not. I had TH unlocked before 50 because I played this game way back and when I was using my free trial VIP I still used to do AF to LP and back then I was offered lesser LPs comparatively if Im not wrong.

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Plus like I said before a lot has to do with the luck of the random trades you get offered.

I’ll take just about any trade for LP’s other than DB’s for LPs and that really only because it’s never close to 1:1 the higher the amounts the worse they seem too. Sometimes I’ll take lower trades like 150DB for 120 LPs or something along those lines.

But with random trades it’s nice to get food, coins or DNA for LP trades, sometimes I get around 900 LPs for a reasonable amount of 1 of those resources in just.1 trade.


To answer your question, yes I am non-VIP. I try and scrape together all the LPs that I can, hadn’t thought of using the 250DB extra trades though. I almost always use my one free one on dino to LP or AF to LP. Not sure I make enough bucks to keep spending 500 a day on trades, I use them for hatching and sometimes regen too (but less now my fighting strategy and line-up have improved). However I will definitely remember that as an emergency strategy for weeks when I want a lot of LP in a hurry for a planned purchase.

I’m not vip and each 10,000 LP take me like 10 days (daily going Apatosaurus to LP, doing all of the events and some random trades that I get for LP), so it should take you 100 days. If you are VIP half of that time.

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I’m starting to save my LP’s for a solid gold pack discount day so we will find out how long it takes me. I’m off to a pretty good start. This run to 100k LPs might be a little off the norm because the 4 tournaments this month but normally there are around 3 per month any way so not that much of a difference.

I don’t remember a SG pack discount day, how often do they happen? I have been playing for very nearly a year, although a year ago it would have been irrelevant to me as I was just starting and had no LPs to speak of, so I might no have noticed.