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Two quick questions about upcoming tournament


First, I thought I recalled this was coming up soon, I was half expecting it to drop today after maintenance. Is there a date for this yet?

Second, is it confirmed that your placement at the end of the tournament will be determined by your PEAK trophy count rather than your END trophy count, as I remember seeing that as a popular suggestion in one of Ludia’s surveys as well.


PvP Season 6

  • 03/07 to 03/18 - details coming soon.

Sadly this is all we know right now


In the survey they specifically asked if we wanted them to work on that feature or new tournaments first. If the majority picked that option… that survey was right before 1.6 came out. Considering they still havent even gotten alliance missions right almost a month after 1.6 i wouldnt count on that feature working if theyve even started on it yet.

Its a pretty big change compared to how they normally do prizes with a leaderboard freeze and manually giving out prizes. They would need to implement a system that tracked everyones highest spot during the season.

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I agree, but it’s part of the reason I’ve been holding off on battling for fear of dropping too low for reset.

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