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Two Quick Questions (max # of 40's per dino, and buying mult dinos as once)

Hello! I had two quick questions, so I thought I would post with one thread!

  1. I am starting to really pile up the dinos, especially those wonderful rewards from card packs that often come in (I am talking to you, Irritator, Nundasuchus, Dilophasauraus, etc.) haha. I don’t use them much obviously, though they bring in lots of coins so that’s ok. I had thought about which one may be the first to have 12 Level 40’s but I am not sure that is possible! The way you need two dinos to level up to one, I don’t think we can ever fill a paddock with 40s? or is there a way. My math seems to suggest that the max number of 40’s one could have is nine?

  2. Is there a way to purchase, with DNA, more than one type of a specific dino at a time? I buy one which is easy of course, but when I go back to get another, I just get an option to hatch the one I bought…


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I think max count of 40 is 11 of each. I personally recommend to you made 6x level 40 nundasuchus, bec there is a event for rare coin pack. (Not usually helping pack for advantage players, bec you get max coins easily later in game, but if you are like me, you will want complete every event for SDNA) So in later game as you improve your rare creatures, in that event your oppoments will be only monolophosaur, so you really use that nundas… if you want better than rare to recomend, its up to you what you pick, but there are mine pickups

rare: rhamporynchus, monolophosaur, Corythosaur
Hybrids: Carnoraptor, Tapejalomonosaur (that pterosaur), ophanimimus
S.Hybrids: Diplosuchus, Tapejalocephalus

Super rares: Velociraptor g2, ankylo, postosuchus, kaprosuchus
Hybrids + S Hybrids: Ankylodocus, Spinoraptor, Monostegotops

Legendary: T.Rex (both, but i prefer gen 2), Sarcosuchus, shunasaurus, Dimorphodon, Megalosar, Proterogyrinus, Nodosaur, Ornithocheirus
Hybrids: Allonogmius, Metriaphodon, Segnosuchus, Ostaposaurus, Gorgosuchus

  1. No there isnt way to buy more that one dino in once.

You can have a max of 9x L40, followed by 1x L30, 1x L20 and 1x L10. I typically leave the L10 at L1 for boss fights.


#2) If you buy and put them in the hatchery right away, then you can buy another. Because of this, ai would recommend timing your hatcheries to open up in time for you to buy multiples of a dino (better to buy and hatch in pairs of 2 so you can evolve).


Exactly what @Bandeezee said above here time your pods to be empty or close to it when discounts come around, for instance I timed my pods to be either empty or less than 40-100 DB when the Thursday discount window comes around for VIP players with the 20% off market discount. Then I load up the pods:image I did four today with the one in the first slot getting instant hatched while the other three will either get sped up if it makes sense at a later time or on Sundays discount window. But this is the only way to buy multiple copies of a creature at one time.

And @Timmah is correct on the number of maximum creatures in a paddock.


Thanks everyone! Good idea on keeping that final 12th creature Lvl1 for Boss!

And great idea to wait until multiple hatcheries are open! I should have thought of this. In fact I think I’ve done it myself before haha.

I got started today with 3: I have one Gorgosaurus but I’d like to get 15 more… To get a Lvl 40 Gorgosaurus but also get a Gorgosuchus which would be my first of those super super legendaries…

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Sounds like @Sionsith and @Timmah has answered your questions with great advice

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They always do!!!