Two stuns on one turn, error?

I am using Delta v Utahraptor we both use our first attack everything is normal. Knowing my opponent will be using Instant Charge on turn 2, I swap out to Stegodeus.

Opponent uses IC and stuns Stegodeus at which time I select “End Turn.”

Opponent then swaps into their Stegodeus and again I am forced to select “End Turn.”

Opponent uses rampage.

I feel like I lost an extra turn when my opponent swapped in.

Is this something support can look into?

I think it because the difference in speed. Hi @Poke_Fodder i like your video.

Sounds like a big.

1st turn, you swap opponent ic stun yours dino(swap happens before stun)
2nd turn opponent dino slower than yours, so you forced to end turn because effect of ic still on and you get priority.

Hi, @Poke_Fodder, you shouldn’t have been stunned for two rounds in a row unless your opponent re-applied it after it had already worn off. Can you reach out to our support team at so that they can take a closer look at things on their end? If you can include your support key in the e-mail, along with the approximate time of the battle in question, it would help us find you faster in our system. Thanks!