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Two suggestions about arena

So the much awaited arena is finally here, and it has been said that it will give the best rewards in the game,that’s why the devs removed runes from the alpha chest, but now in arena, it still doesn’t give much runes,I mean it only gives when you reach a new rank,even when you reach the top, you won’t get anything anymore, so I have two suggestions to get more runes in the arena:
1-getting runes between the ranks.after reaching a new rank, there are some points where you can get medals and trophies,and it’s until reaching another rank that you will get more runes, but I think making it like this:medals, runes, medals, runes, medals, runes until you reach a rank and so on.
2-having a chest in that we have duties for arena,a chest can be added for it that can give some runes just like the duty chest (this suggestion is if the first suggestion can’t he added).
-and this one is just an extra one, not for arena:
. If none of the two suggestions is going to be added, then we can once again get runes from the alpha chest like we used to but a lower amount than before.


Didn’t you threaten to quit this game like 32x in the last 4 months??

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