Two things that should need to go away

  1. Level limits as far as who can place/FIP which dinos in a sanctuary. For who know what reason, Maiasaura is “too dangerous” until you’re level 17(!) but go ahead and feed the T-rex, etc, etc.

I realize this was probably done back when instant rampage itself was OP and they didn’t want a to just hand it to people but the game has evolved a ton since then. And Scutosaurs? I can’t even begin to imagine why they thought this was necessary.

  1. Caps on FIPs. This one I think actually hurts Ludia’s bottom line. I’d love to spring for the occasional FIP pack but I don’t want to waste the ones collected via supply drops and 6 hr incs. I can’t possibly spend all 50 or 100 in a single day FIP’ing the 1-2 dinos I may need, so those go to waste. Now I’m all for helping feed starter sancs but the timing almost never lines up where those packs are available during build time, so either A) raise the cap significantly (150-300?) so I can hold them for build time, B) remove the cap altogether, or C) make FIPs a permanent fixture in the store.

I’d love both of them! Especially the 2nd one

Add scents and darts to that. It’s stupid how many goat scents were wasted when doing the campaign and the its stupid you log in every few days and get absolutely nothing when the daily darts dont add up