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Two types of players

Imagine a scenario where two people start playing this game together, they are about equally active, but they have gone for two totally different directions.

Player 1, picked the quicker route towards the endgame. He had all the dinos that are easy to level in his team, a rather short sighted person. His team is getting near maxed. He focused on boosting certain creatures and left a few unboosted. He is now playing a very high team in the top aviary, and somehow manages to reach library near the end of every season, and drops back to aviary after.

Player 2, picked the slower route for the endgame. He sees further than player 1. But his team is a lot slower to level because the components are harder to acquire. His team is about 5 levels below player 1 although he had spent a similar amount of time playing the game. His team is somewhat equally boosted with similar amount of boosts on each dino, while the boosts are carefully planned. He is at a similar trophy range, bottom library, but when his team slowly builds up he has a full potential to hit shores.

Currently player 1 beats player 2 without too much effort because his thor is faster than everything player 1 have including magna and spyx because magna is 144 speed and spyx is 145 speed but is slower due to level

So, here’s 2 questions,
who would you rather be? Player 1 or player 2?
Who do you have more respect to? Player 1 or player 2?

If anyone feels like the TOPIC is one sided please comment and let me know how is it one sided, thanks!


I think if i ever have an alt account, I’d try 1 with full team of sneks and something else but that’s still sorta 2 I guess since I’m grinding for snek dna
i respect both and all players, except those who spam yawn and laugh emotes…


And surprised emotes
Whenever I see surprised emote I wanna murder Mr.DNA


I’m a player 2 and player 1 types are annoying.


Well I think everyone knows who’s the one laughing in the end :blush:


It’s very satisfying to eventually be able to smash the easy route players who bullied the ones who grind on their way up. The problem is I’m now a jaded player who got too burnt out dealing with cheap monsters to still be as excited as I once was for my harder to get dream team. And I haven’t even been playing for a year yet.


One is a smart meta team with high rewards for not being an ultra grinder and devoting hours every day to JWA and they would definitely stay in library and maybe gyro as they are now twos team is a lot weaker and is headed in the right direction for someone that plans on playing the game for a super long time. If I had to pick one to battle I would definitely pick 2 as it’s much weaker I respect each player equally player one has a much better tournament team which is a great asset and something I wish I had I don’t think there is a definitive much better or worse here just 2 different ways to play

I just have one question. How the heck is player one using a 28 Quezt if it was a fast deck? That thing is annoying to level up. But anyways back to the original questions.

I would respect 2 as he is using more skillful creatures and likely actually wants to have fun with others having fun along with him. 1 just wants to plow through as much as possible as quickly as possible, using cheaper and dirtier tricks to win, but like stated, would be amazing in Tournaments and would help his alliance a lot in them.


Well that’s only two types.
Still I respect them both equally.
That being said, I’d be neither.
I adapt as the game evolves.


I guess I’m kind of a mix between the two? Idk, wdy think?

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I’m player 3… the casual. I have no interest in the competitive game. I came here to play dinosaurs. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

If I had to choose though, I’d be player 2. Plsying the long game is the better option.

I respect both equally. One is not better than the other.


I have zero respect for 1, some respect for 2 but really respect 3: Players who focus on the dinos they like over the meta ones.


No, THIS is the worst kind of player.

3 swap ins!?!! Including rhino! You can guess what their strategy was. Yup, swap, dig in, swap, dig in, swap.


Cheap dirty tricks? That’s silly they are just dinos that give you trouble that doesn’t make them any less skillful or decent then your team lol

Ehh not really. Most monos are gonna go with the distracting impact into dsr into strike and then they are dead, most of the time, unless you’re really unlucky. Thors don’t have many options either. It’s impact into rampage or IC. Indoraptors are gonna depend on their dodge most of the time, and rixis is just a stun machine.

no hate to either. people will level up what they want to level up.
indom and indo being iconic for their movie roles and beloved by many just because of that. could also just be a cast of someone’s favorite creatures that just happen to be easy to level.

if i had the resources and the willingness, you bet i would take some of my favorites to lv 30, even if they aren’t meta and are easy to level up. spinocon, allorap, sarcorixis, ankylodicorus, arcanthrops, etc.


I completely agree, if I had the dna, I would absolutely level my Edmontoguanodon to 30, just for the nostalgia. That thing is one of my favorite dinos in this game. I wish it had its old move set back :frowning:


I’m kinda player 2 except for indom, I love that thing, that’s why I use it. It’s pretty hard to level tho cuz of how many dinos are in global.

Anyone else have a harder time getting elasmotherium than mammoths for lania


Ooh that’s me. I play indom cuz I love it. It’s level 26, unfortunately I still need to level arena worthy dinos like manga and diplo is too bad to use sadly since it’s only 17

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Dio is sheild rampage cycle tryko is resilient rampage cycle rhino is if low hp swap in and try not to die gemini is definite rampage cycle spyx is just impact & pounce magna is distract rampage null every time mammolania is pfs rampage with an occasional dig in or bellow sarcorixis actually has more move variability and strategy than almost all of these