Two unique hybrids for 2.3

The rat is back

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I like that gigantomimus has a DoT effect. Hopefully the hybrid of 2.3 has this effect.

It would be nice for giga to have a dot effect but it also had much more more of a Bite force than an allo which is annoying cuz ludia won’t make it with a lot of attac

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My only complaint with these two hybrids is that the ability Persistent Ferocious Vulnerability is probably a bit over-powered.

Ya, I think it should be vulnaetable

Yoshi doesn’t rlly need a hybrid, since it’s already an endgame creature. But still, looks pretty good.

Procerath is not an end-game creature.

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Not really. PFS is far superior as anything with fierce moves or immunity won’t be affected

this procerath hybrid is much better, having a lot of attack, a dodge counter meaning it dodges for two turns so next turn it wont be affected, has dot which also does 100% distract, shield breaking and distracting rampage.

prcerath isn’t endagme, doesn’t even be used tht much in tournesy

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