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Two ways that power creep in mid-level arenas could have been prevented and kept the game fresh and fun for everyone:

power creep in mid-level arenas has created an environment where many end-game creatures or creatures that require end-game creatures as counters are rampaging around, distorting the meta, reducing diversity in team composition, making nearly every battle the same, and all around taking the fun out of the game for anyone who is competing at that level. here are two ways that that power creep in mid-level arenas could have easily been prevented:

  1. by not allowing players to create a creature until all requirements necessary for DNA fusion for that creature have been met. for example, in order to create a unique creature, even if enough DNA for creation had been obtained through darting or incubators, creation requires the two component creatures to also be evolved to level 20.
  2. by increasing the max player level to level 30, which is the max creature level and not allowing a player to evolve a creature to a higher level than their player level. for example, in order to create a legendary creature, a player must be at least level 16. (where is all that extra XP going, anyway?)

can you think of any other ways that power creep in mid-level arenas could have been prevented?


That way wouldn’t work because a) the games would progress too slow and b) it cheats high level players out of their hard work. I think the best way to avoid power creep is to make sure there are enough counters running around

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If you unlock a unique just by attempts and incubators without the level 20 requirements to fuse from the other dinosaurs. Then their game progress is already slow. And how would that cheat high level players?

Because they would have to level up before using their level 30s

the creature level cap to your player level is not a good idea. other than leveling creatures and fusing dna, there is no other way to get XP. and if you aren’t lv 17, you cant do the multi fuse to go over the dna needed to level, so you’d be forced to level the creature to continue gaining XP. It wouldn’t affect the top players too much (other than how will they get to lv 30 to use their stuff if we dont give them the xp they would’ve gotten had the lv cap been 30 in the first place)
but the lv requirement is going to hurt many more players than it would actually help.

I agree now newbies progress way too fast. I had my first epic (stygi) unlocked in nublar jungle. A full epic team - later, in badlands. Why? Because I actually had to grind these epics by opening 8 hrs incubs or by hunting them. Now 1st arena is full of epics, because every week newbies can open mission incubators and dart epics in events. And that’s a shame. Once 1st arena teams consisted of commons, sometimes also rares. From 2nd up, from rares. First epics appeared in high 3rd arena, while full epic teams as late as badlands. It was much better than what we have now. Epics everywhere. Commons and rares becoming useless in around 200 trophies. What should be done? Hmm. Maybe there should be a lvl requirement for joining an Alliance? Or maybe at least a requirement for opening alliance rewards? Something should be also done to events. Maybe just newbies should have less epic and rare attempts?

The alliance and championship rewards scaling with player level is enough of a punishment for newbies imo.