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Two Years In

So I’m approximately two years into playing JWTG (not a single day off since I started to play!) so thought it was a good idea to document my lineups, at least down to the legendaries. I am definitely a conservative player that values numbers over higher levels, and also tend to not level stuff up until my food gets maxed and I need to spend it down, but I still try to move the top of my lineup up more every few weeks at least, even if it’s very incremental. So lots of screenshots coming…

The battle shown is today’s Fight for Funds. Here are the other two AI lineups I got today.

Here’s my aquatics, down through the legendaries.

And finally, the Cenozoics.

So that’s what I have to show for two years of game play (I have been a VIP member since about my second month of playing as well).


Wonderful progress… :100:


Two years in gotta say your doing pretty good. I started when this game came out


I am… speechless

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Wow. Lets overtake Ludias base with this army!

But damn those Indoraptors and Metriaphodons :star_struck:

Isnt Gen1 Indo better than Gen2? Because Gen 2 has way lower attack and Indos are just used as attackers? So why do people still get a lot of Gen 2s?

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They are good as carni meat shields and better than g1 at lvl 40. Also collection purposes

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Me too. Without words.


Well isnt it kinda weird to use Indos as meat shields, like they are the best dinos in game. Isnt that what Pachygalosaurus and Cerazinosaurus are there for. Carni meat shields.

But for collection purposes I understand.

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Cerazino isn’t meat shield.


10 cheers!

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What a progress mate😛,Anyways my game keeps laging can anyone help me please


Love the carnoraptor,pachyceratops, and tapejalosaurus army.
Really cool lineup!!!

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Pretty sure only ludia support can help

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I definitely use the Gen 1 Indos a lot more, and created all 12 of those first (actually think I did so before they came out with the Gen 2, or very close to it). But since I had the sDNA to add 12 Gen 2’s as well, no reason not too. They still come in handy for things like knocking out boss event damage missions, or yes, as meat shields. If you have the sDNA, why not save on the very expensive DNA cost of adding hybrids like the Pachy?

I also knew that at the pace I wanted to go, I’d have no shortage of sDNA for adding additional Gen 1’s once I was ready to take them above lvl 10 and that does appear to be the case, as I have enough for 5 Indos at this point, and right now am spending more of my resources on creating all the lvl 40 tournament creatures in the game, vs. adding more of the tournament hybrids that I want before evolving my Indoraptors past 10. You can see that my lineup has moved above my lvl 40 VIPs, and it’s also moving to where you are dealing with more than a day of CD (my top Gorgos for instance are closer to a 2 day CD). I already get a significant increase in my PvE events for each incremental increase at the top of my lineups so I’m fine with taking my time in getting all those Indoraptors up to lvl 10 and by then I should have enough supporting hybrids to make the jump to lvl 11+.