Two Years of Joy and Sorrow: Progress Thread

Progress thread for the first year: A Year of Joy and Sorrow : JWTG Progress

I’ll start by giving my thanks to the wonderful Forum members who have helped me since I was a new player in 2020 and till now. As a person quite estranged from irl peer groups the support I’ve gotten here in the Forums is truly delightful.

Onwards to progress, the session of 2020-21 has been highlighted in my previous progress thread but to sum it up, I rejoined the game around February 2020 and had VIP subscription since June that year until December 2021. Till May 2021, I was a daily player with a (sort of) balanced lineup but due to real life reasons had to detach myself from the game eventually leading to my current casual playstyle. Now I only play the game for tournaments that feature creatures new or not unlocked.

Playable Bosses have gotten 0% of my interest, I found no reason to build them up so all I have is a level 47 Omega, a level 20-ish Juggernaut and a below level 20 Valkyrie. I still do not have the three requirements to even unlock Salamander’s missions, and could not care less to do them. However I did max quite a lot of tournament creatures, and among hybrids; level 30 Yudon and level 40 Scorpius and Glythronax.

Jurassic Lineup:

Clearly it is heavily unbalanced, but now that I do zero events outside certain tournaments I only invest into what I like by design. As it is unlikely I would get back into hardcore grinding anytime soon I did not have a lot of conflicting desicions to make. While at the topic of tournaments, I usually start those on day 2 or final day so I do have a decent set of creatures to speedrun through the lower leagues.

As for Aquatic and Cenozoic, those lineups would not even get me into Predator League lol but,

I will highlight three of my favourite creatures I invested into in those biomes.



and Harry.


Here's a park tour...

I’ll wrap it up here. Thank you for reading, and for all the support. :slight_smile:


Hello Jurassic Fury



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what are your goals for 2022 in JW


Is beautifful !


a year of progress and here are my dinos :t_rex:


besides,Fury, will it be serious if I maximize erlipho? I intend to maximize it after umoonasaur because my aquatics are really too weak…


Do not max Umoon or Erlipho…


so umoo it’s too late, I spent too much DNA for him and two are in incubation, but for erlipho, maybe I won’t maximize it, well I’m not promising anything, I’m a little crazy :stuck_out_tongue:


Now i know what to do,max them all

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It’s great to see your line-up and to see a different approach to playing - pick your favourites and max them up. I like that you can play for a different set of goals if you want to in JWtG like this.

Looking foward to seeing what you do in the year to come…


Thank you!

Haha yea, I actually had been following the lineup balance and depth rules for quite long but decided to have a little fun during around early 2021. Glad I went wild since the rl reasons causing me to detach from JWtG came unbeknownst not long after. :joy:

Hopefully… I am currently maxing up Titanoboa.

Even then I sometimes feel a bit guilty being away from JWtG that I am not of much help on the Forum now. Will still try though. :sweat_smile:


I’m not sure to be honest. I have no immediate plans, but when new creatures are released that I like by design I will work on them. :smile:


rajasaure gen 2 was released in the game, and, what! Fury has already maxed it out! but the tournament has only just begun!

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Haha yes I would immediately max up Rajasaurus Gen 2 if it was to be released, may or may not go for VIP again for a month if/when that happens.

Or if they somehow added Diorajasaur to the game.



Still making quicker progress than me! :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, let’s hope for raja gen 2 or rajastega shybrid with touji s-dna to make diorajasaur!
10,000,000 hp
5,000,000 attack


No !
100000000000000000000 healt
10000000000000000000 attack

While draco s super hybride has
999999999999999999999999 healt
99999999999999999999999attack so what !? i want trc gen 2 to be a king in any version after all i love triceratops gen 2 as much as fury loves rajasaurus

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