Type characteristics

Make debuffs work for and against the different types of dinos differently. For example, certain dino types (chompers) are more affected by distraction than, say, raptors. So distract would be 65% or 75% against them. Other Dino’s it would be 50% still, and raptors (in this example) it would be 25%.

Speed would be something like it would work on raptors well but not on, say, long necks. Nothing you can do to them will slow them down, but tanks will take 25% slow, raptors 75%, every one else 50%.

Nullify can reduce the effects of a buff by 100% down to 0% depending on the dino type.

Tanks (or birds) are less susceptible to ds type attacks, they reduce the damage 25% still.

These characteristics can be lessened through hybridization (or increased)…

These are just examples, can come up with a system that’s balanced and will allow another tunable setting that can be used to balance the arenas.

Also, Dino’s with defensive characteristics should deal out a random amount of damage (say from 0 to .5 base attack) when attacked. Stegos tail must get around some times when the opponent attacks and they get spiked, or sometimes when attacking triceratops, you get the horn. I don’t like adding more rng to the game but straight math fights would be boring as well. So more rng that has less effect on the outcome would be better…

Just a couple of ideas I had for being able to balance the arenas and some Dinos without straight up nerfing.

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Can you give an example?

Distracting attacks reduce damage for Thor/rex/gorgo/other chompers by 75% (maybe for first turn, 50% for second turn)

But distracting attacks only reduce raptor attacks by 25% (and maybe not at all for second turn).

Hybrids inherit weaknesses and strengths of both parents, so the weakness can be cancelled out if hybridized with a dino that is at the other end (example chomper raptor hybrid would be back to straight 50% reduction). Two raptors mixed could give immunity to distraction. Or dominant genes of one parent can eliminate the weakness of the other. But it could introduce a range of counters to existing Dino’s without flat out nerfing them completely and allow additional tuning points to balancing out the arena without resorting to nerfs.

I don’t know what game you are playing.
In JWA Instant Distraction reduce 90% of damage, Debilitating Distraction reduce 75% of damage and Distracting Rampage, Distracting Impact and Distracting Strike reduce 50% of damage. It will affects every Dinos exept for Immunes just as it said. Pounce will also reduce 50% of damage.

So distracting strike, impact, rampage, that normally would hit 50% distraction would lower attacks of types that are sensitive to distraction by 75% - and types that are strong against distraction by only 25%. Everything else continues at 50%.

Debilitating distraction could be 85% on chompers, 65% on raptors (again in this example) - and instant distraction can be 100% against chompers, 80% against raptors

What types get what ability is up for debate and the numbers can be adjusted as needed. Make sense?

No, it doesn’t make sense to me.