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Types Of JWA Players

JWA Player Types! Which one are you?

The Hunter:
Spends most of their time darting, using scents, and opening supply drops.

PvE Only:
Only plays PvE towers. Easily the easiest lifestyle.

PvP Only:
Only plays PVP. A bit more annoying.

The Meta User:
Uses whatever dinos survive in the meta, sometimes changing teams every few patches

The Weird Team User:
Uses weird dinos (like my Koolasuchus and swap in team)

Tournament (Skill)
Good at skill tournaments (me)

Tournament (Advantage)
Good at advantage tournaments (I wish)

That’s about all I can think of. Which one is you? Share in the comments!


My is login and open incubator and exit


Sign me up for all of the above, Chief.

Also the guy who finishes off the last :100: darts needed for the weekly alliance challenge rewards, even though I have finished all my dailies.

The vast majority of the money I spent was in the first 3 months of the game.
Won a bunch of HC when it was the prize for a LB finish.
Since then I kinda just do whatever I want.

By your list im mainly The Hunter.

I would say though I am the Paeleo-guy who plays the game but only uses actual prehistoric creatures (although Indominus and Indoraptor get in due to the movies).

The Weird Team User somewhat, mixed with The Hunter.

Jwa stereotypes:

The Spoofer
The guy who wants everything nerfed
The Pro
The Guy Who Keeps Quitting And Coming Back
The one who only likes using broken dinos
Cenozoic haters

And finally… (This is more of a forum one)

The guy who flags every single post


I’m definitely the Hunter/Weird Team User.

These are the teams I’ve played this week although I was doing single creature switch in’s and out’s. So just in the pictures below, I’ve played 30 different creatures. I can’t remember all the switch outs.
My Team 20200722 My Team 20200723 My Team 20200724
My Titans did much better than the compers.
My Team 20200725 My Team 20200722

I’m a hunter/PvE, but the PvE is a means to an end. I love dinosaurs and love the graphics despite obvious design deviations. (Edaphosaurus’s head it too big.)

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But I have weird teams

Also no boosts on indominus because I actually want to play the game properly

The Hunter
Focus most of their time darting and hitting supply drops

The Try-Hard
The people in the arena who tier pick their team but have no real strategy going for them

The Cripple
Uses as many Crutches as possible. Will likely rage quit when their crutches are all dea

The Pro
The kind of people that dart most thing that a) may get a good hybrid, or b) is valuable in another way. Will play a somewhat meta team, but really just wanna win.

The Doer
The player that usually wins mind games cuz they actually take time to strategize, and won’t whine about things being OP. While they will suggest a nerf of the creature is truly broken (Gemini, Lania), they really just run the counters for it.

The Casual Player
Plays for fun and nothing else. Won’t have a super meta team and are fine with that. They will focus on doing strikes more often than arena, and enjoy skill tourneys so that they can battle on equal ground.

The Hardcore Player
Darts EVERYTHING, Spins EVERY supply drop, Battles a LOT, will have that new creature maxed in a day, and will run a total meta team, unless they discover a sleeper (I.e. IDGT’s secodonto, RIP) and will use it to DESTROY you. Logs 12+ hours a day and does very strike tower.

The Troll
This player doesn’t care how you’d react, he’ll just mess with you by playing a team that will make you rage. Usually loses.

The Raid Captain
Goes nuts on raids, always looking for strategies, and won’t stop playing till they beat the boss.

The UB player
A true G, they have insane willpower and will always beat you at mind games


The Hoarder(or the RPG player), the guy who doesn’t like to use coins, cash or boosts at all worrying that he’ll need it later and that he is losing in the long run

The piggy bank, the person that spends more money on the game than your rent on

The thoradolosaur, the first person that you ever saw golden numbers for stats

The bandwagon, the person that always switches views not because of thinking that its right but switching because he doesn’t want to be in the minority


The hunter, PvE only and usually The weird team user. :smile:

how about the gentleman: never uses boosts because they have to much self respect (me)


I dabble in a little bit more than one, but am primarily Meta/Advantage.

I’m weird/skill and not surprised by that

Is there one for “Always broke.”

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Judging by that list i’m a combination of Hunter and PvE. I hate arena. That place is no fun whatsoever, with it’s horrible matchmaking and creatures boosted so much that they become unbeatable and I never battle without an empty incubator slot.

PvE all the way

I don’t know about you guys but there’s a certain dino that needs to be nerfed…