Typical pvp event matchmaking

Needless to say I’m 1-9 why do I put myself in these situations!!! The analogy is of my significant other keepers Cheating ( purposefully used that word) on me but I keep coming back who’s to blame!
There is a reason why for the longest time there were links to mental health on Ludia’s site!!!

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I’m an experienced player and just lost 6 straight battles where I only killed 2 characters! The unbalanced matchmaking is so frustrating! I know I shouldn’t play pvp battles or events but can’t think of any other ways of earning silver hand equipment. Am I the only one who feels the inequality in match making! Am I playing wrongly?

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Inexcusably, @Tassthewarrior this is how the Event Matchmaking Algorithm has been designed. What you are experiencing is precisely what is expected and intended; specifically, i suspect you are being punished the algorithm’s penchant for matching Event Mode players against much stronger Battle Mode Players. Only novice players, elites among the top 100, and players who follow a specific regimen of tanking, are immune to this iniquity.

A forum search of either “matchmaking” or “algorithm” will provide a long list of threads covering the long evolution of matchmaking issues since PvP was introduced.

[ Note: This post is an opinion piece only - based upon analysis of game play observations, information provided by Ludia and comments shared by players in various forums. It is a critique of Ludia’s recent and past matchmaking algorithm(s). In no way are these comments intended to be construed as insulting or disrespectful toward the developer or players. ]

The top pic is classic

Orloch, for sanity sake and saving of gems I need to tank? How does that work!? Clearly playing staring up will drive me crazy and cost me more in gems then if I grind it out though the dungeons.

Typical silver hand trials battles just went 0-9 180 gems wasted

@Tassthewarrior, I prefer to avoid frank discussion of tanking methodologies in the open forum. Instead I have forwarded some info which may help you find the answer you are seeking. :wink:

I didn’t lose once during the Calliope Silverhand Trial. I went 35-0 on that event.

Some more of the matchmaking!!