Typo in the poll, guessing many people probably spot it already

Typo here


What poll?

Go to your mail in game

vote for Scorpius! the animation of Scorpius clearly easiest to dart in all 3! vote it!


Nooo Scutophicyon is better

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No Scorpius is easier to dart, and we just dart scutophicyon 2 week ago

I never got to dart it tho :sob: : but if people want Scorpius then I’ll just go along with it :cry:


Is it? I never darted scorpius animations yet, but I need it, so I voted for it. But Andrewtops animation is easier right?

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Andrew seems easy, but it gonna move really fast, i darted Scorpius gen 1, Scorpius animation are easier and seems slow…

Id like to dart scorpius too, but out the 3 i dont think its the easiest to dart. Maybe phoru because from ny experience it only runs but doesnt shake its body at all

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I don’t remember Scorpius does shake body or something… it just “run” as i remember…

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Yeah it doesnt shake body but you need to target the damn tail, feet and head !! Clearly Phorurex is the easiest


I voted andrewtops, one of the hardest to create and it’s the most horrifying


Vote for what you want lol that’s the whole point.


Happy Birthday


Here are my results:

This poll is a troll! It’s a conspiracy! Ludia knows that I want to level up my Scorpius G3, but they throw out Andrewtops?! They proboably thought I’d cave and vote for Scorpius on some reverse psychology :sob::upside_down_face::sneezing_face::joy:

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The stationary animations are what you see when you look it up in the laboratory. So it doesn’t move around very much when darting.

I voted Indoraptor gen 2 since well… It can bite your arm off and is bullet proof so no firearm can hurt it (except heavy artillery ones) scuto just looks like a dog and seems it wants a pet but idk

Never really darted scorpius but I think I voted scorpios for the most part

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And I shall give Scuto all the pets it wants :revolving_hearts::heart_eyes::+1:

I didn’t choose Indo G2 because it it is already a super hybrid. My methods for voting the Legendary dinos were who were capable of being made into super-hybrids. Indominus Rex and Scutophycion were the only selections - sure Indominus Rex already makes Erlidominus and Indoraptor, but if Nodopodosarus taught us anything, it’s that you can have more than two hybrids at a time. Scutophycion is obvious.

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