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Tyrannasaur and Spinosaur Hybrid

As in the title, I mixed up Gorgosaurus and Spino Gen 2. I mixed them up and created some stats and moves for it. The name is Spinogorgosaurus.

4000 Health
1200 Damage
115 Speed
0% Armor
10% Critical Chance

Fierce Strike
Gashing Wound
Ferocious Cleansing Impact
Fierce Impact

100% Deceleration

Leave your thoughts down below! Hope you enjoyed it!


Health is a bit low for his speed, but otherwise it’s pretty sweet

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Thats around the health between both, plus it has Gashing wound and Fierocious Cleansing Impact. It is also Immune to Deceleration, but its weak to cunning. I think it should be a Legendary Rarity, although there are already 43 of them, with more legendaries may come more uniques.

I have a name! Spinogorgos


I like Spinogorgosaurus. I’ll add it.

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