Tyrannolophosaur Buff

Yes but Miragaia is arena exclusive, meaning it doesn’t spawn in the wild except during pursuits, and Dsungaripterus is everything exclusive, meaning you can’t get it anywhere outside of events.

Daily creatures on the other hand are rather common on their respective days, back when those still worked properly.

how 'bout we leave tyrannolophosaur alone


Tyrannolophosaurus is absolutely fine,it does not need a buff,and unless it is needed,it is garbage,maybe Tenontorex is considerable because it is a pretty weak unique now,but Tyrannolophosaurus is absolutely fine,and there is no need to unnecessarily break the balance between the Legendary Chompers,Tyrannolophosaurus can nullify unlike other chompers,Allosinosaurus has Instant Charge and Armor,Indominus Rex has Cloak,If you think that it needs Rebalancing,make it,such that it does not break the balancing between the 3:-
Defense Shattering Strike
Nullifying Impact
Distracting Impact
Armor Piercing Rampage.

I love the new moveset that you have given,having Nullifying as a basic moves makes me feel Infuriated at the person using the creature. I mean absolutely Infuriating,or Nullifying should not be able to take away the extra damage.

Dilophosaurus only provides he Nullifying,The body structure is recieved from T Rex Gen 2,so giving it high speed is not wise.

Although I give myself a chuckle over the thought of a venom spitting Tyrannolophasaurus.

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Tryko who only has 1680 attack: am I a joke to you?

Right? Tryko is so perfect. It’s perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

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Well, Tryko has armour, so its damage should naturally compensate. But even after my rework, Tryko is still more versatile and overall a better tyrannosaur than Tyrannolopho.

But still it’s has 300 less logic says the harder to make the better?

And since tryko is 10x harder to make that tyrannolopho then it also should be better

What about indom ist also harder to make and it has less attack and speed.



At the moment tyrannoni perfect it’s balanced it’s only a legendary hybrid it’s not that great sure but it’s the versatility that makes it great it beats indom and allosino the same way it then hybrid tenato counters tryko and Thor. I mean it already has better tools to deal with other chompers thanks to distracting strike and it can deal with not only buffers like but also cloak ears and dodgers so it pretty much good for now it’s already mid apex

I think the buff would be called Tenontorex. I love mine.

I understand your point, but even with my rework, Allosino would have more health and it still has 15% armour, Indom has more health and immunity. All my rework would do is grant Tyrannolopho a bit more attack than the other legendary chompers. On a side note, I fully agree that Tryko should be the best tyrannosaur

Each of them have their own perks,Tyrannolophosaurus has Distraction and Nullifying as one of its perks,which makes it counter cloak and reduces other high damage chompers , leave the high end to Tenontorex