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Tyrannolophosaur - Nullifying Strike


I’m a level 20 who plays in Lockwood Estate. At least 2-4 times per day, every day, I go up against opponents with Indominus Rex who cloak up against my Tyrannolophasaur, and I promptly use the Nullifying Strike to remove the positive effect.

How have people not learned about that ability yet??? It isn’t like the Tyrannolophosaur is a new dinosaur. It isn’t like I am playing in a low arena against players who are new to this dino. Folks know not to use cloaks and shields against Monostegotops because that dino has both a Nullifying Impact AND a Nullifying Strike. So what is it about Tyrannolophosaur that folks are still so clueless? In Lockwood Estate these are supposed to be seasoned players, practically experts. So what gives?

This honestly baffles my mind.


Where do they cloak, though?

When I ran into a lot of Tyrannolophs as I-Rex, there was one specific way that cloak COULD work, if nothing else was available to counter Tyranno.

Most Tyranno users go nullifying round 1, then Rampage. In that case, I-Rex can flank with 50% chance, doing Impact into the nullifying, then Rampage into the Tyranno Rampage and Nullifying strike. If it dodges, Tyranno is dead, with I-Rex barely surviving.

If nowadays Tyranno players start with impact, then this tactic isn’t working.


What baffles my mind is that many players use Cloak or ES after I use Nullifying Impact with Suchotator or Tany, apparently forgetting tha NI has only one turn cooldown for a while now. I’ve faced many I-Rex that uses Cloak against Sucho on first turn… like I’m gonna use any other move besides the nullifier!

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I don’t think it’s all that baffling. Not many players that high up use either Tyrannoloph or tany so people just forget. This is why teams running overpowered oddities can have a lot of success. People forget how to play against them.


Lol, i agree, It’s the same too with Suchotator and Tanycolagreus, how do Indominus Rex users forget the Nullifying Impact…especially after you just used it!?!



How do people forget you have DracoC after being hit 2x with it, and you’re going for the third?

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I’ve done it before, albeit rarely. When a shattering rampage from Tyrannolo would defeat my Indom, and the other player is clearly going for the big hits. Cloak. Dodge. Rampage is back for me. Smash that Tyrannolo on the next turn.


Well, but consider Nullifying Impact used to have a 2-turn cooldown, so the last time some of those players used Suchotator, they remember having to wait 2 turns. They likely didn’t forget that he has NI, they probably just didn’t realize the change in the last update, because they haven’t used him in a while, and don’t play against him at all.