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Tyrannolophosaur replaces who? Or bench?


I just made Tyrannolophosaur and am not sure who to switch up on the team for her. Who does Tyrannolophosaur replace as an equivalent? Or should I bench Tyrannolophosaur and only level her to get Tenontorex later on?

I currently have on my team: (16)Monostegotops, (20)Indominus, (22)Stegodeus, (20)Gorgosuchus, (20)Postimetrodon, (21)Indoraptor, (20)Utahsinoraptor, and (17)Dracoceratops.

Any/all help is appreciated! :slight_smile:


Indom or gorgo but after you get it to 19 would be my call.


I honestly prefer the team you have now, but if you level it up I would consider replacing Indominus for Tyrannolopho… better to have an RNG breaker than an RNG dependant.


At 19 it can kill a 20 indom at that point its a good replacement. It could prolly get the job done at 18… but i started to consider mine at decent opener ar 19 if your still encountering alot of indom openers.

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That’s a good point. Being dependent on the Indominus cloak is not very fun especially when it fails you more often than not haha.

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I always considered Gorgosuchus a better Postdimetrodon, soooo… I’d say drop Posti.

I-Rex is actually its weakest around lvl 19-20. However it’s a true force of nature after lvl 22. One of the few legendaries that you can take as far as you wish, because it’s always relevant… Well, if RNG doesn’t go out all whack on you, but trust me on this one, if RNG wants you to lose, you will lose. If you don’t have a dodger, it will just make you miss every single stun or if you don’t have that either, 3 x 5% crits in quick succession.

Monostegotops is also pretty irrelevant at lvl 16, but if you can level it up soon, keep it.


I do like how Gorgosuchus packs such a big punch but Postimetrodon has immunity and regeneration that I find useful in most matches.

I could level my IRex but i’ve been saving dna to try to level up my indoraptor more. I’m just lacking velociraptor dna at the moment.

And regarding monostego…yea…having her at lvl 16 kinda sucks but I can never find enough monolophosaurus! Where she at??


L3. If you can find an L3 with lots of beauty salons, you are (literally) golden.

If I remember right Erlikosaurus is ddd spawn, while Monololol is all day, so hunting at evening / night is your best shot

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