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Tyrannolophosaur VS Allosinosaurus (JWA Battles #11)

Back at it again! Welcome back to JWA Battles, where we pit the fiercest hybrids of JWA against each other, determining their size, strength, speed, and weapons to find out who’d win in a fight.

Last time, Edaphocevia won a very awkward battle with Monolometrodon. Very awkward, yes.

This time, we have a battle between what the game considers tyrannosaurs! Tyrannolophosaur, the cunning fighter, and Allosinosaurus, the bulky chomper! Who’d win? Don’t know, let’s see now.


Height: 15 Ft
Length: 30 Ft
Weight: 4 Tons
Bite Force: 3 Tons
Speed: 20 MPH
Weapons: Teeth and claws
Advantages: Way more powerful bite and slightly larger in every category
Disadvantages: Not as bulky, can’t take hits the same way
Tyrannolophosaur is a tyrannosaur dilophosaur hybrid created by In-Gen for, like most hybrids, no apparent reason. Whether or not this thing spits acid like the Jurassic World Dilopho is actually unknown, and we are going to assume it doesn’t simply because the game doesn’t show it does (and it would make the battle unfair.). The Tyrannolophosaur itself is a mixture of speed and strength, being fast enough to keep up with other animals you wouldn’t find fast like hippos, and strong enough to crush a car. It is not as fast or strong as some other carnivores, due to being a mix. Overall, the Tyrannolophosaur is strong, fast, and tough, although not as much as some bulkier carnivores its size.

Height: 13 Ft
Length: 27 Ft
Weight: 2 Tons
Bite Force: 500 Pounds
Speed: 20 MPH
Weapons: Headbutting (possibly) teeth, claws
Advantages: Far bulkier and tanks bigger hits
Disadvantages: Smaller in almost every category, even has a far weaker bite
Allosinosaurus is a weird mixture of a ceratopsian and what is distinctly related to a tyrannosaur, you see the irony? The creature itself is a mixture of bulkiness and strength, being itself close enough to a living tank while the other part of itself is strong in its own right, but not having a stronger bite than a lion. This causes its bite force to be weaker than most other carnivores’ its size. It is also not particularly fast, at least not compared to other theropods. Overall, Allosinosaurus is strong and tough, but rather slow in comparision to other large carnivores.

Tyrannolophosaur can be seen eating the corpse of a fallen Geminititan after waiting for what seemed like days, but was actually hours. Allosinosaurus walked by, and noticed the great source of food and wanted it all for himself. Rushing over and ready to eat, he then notices the Tyrannolophosaur. Tyrannolophosaur roars, not wanting to give up its meal. Allosinosaurus takes it as a challenge, and lunges at the tyrannosaur. Tyrannolophosaur immediately whips his tail at his opponent, Allosino recovers and chomps on Lophosaur’s back, who shakes off the armored allosaur and chomps back in Defense Shattering Rampage style, breaking a leg on the Allosinosaurus. The Allosino fell over. Lophosaur went back to its meal, and Allosino, deciding it wasn’t worth it, walked away and looked for an easier meal. Allosino then decided that, no, it would end the battle and rushed to chomp on his opponent’s own leg, suceeding in the deed, only to anger Lophosaur. Lophosaur then gives him the “You should’ve ran while you could” look. bites down on his neck, cracking it, and bringing him down. Lophosaur steps on the Allosino’s corpse, and roars in triumph, before noticing a Geminititan, who looks at the corpse he was feeding on. Lophosaur runs off, with the Gemini looking confused.

Another brutal ending! Basically, we know both creature’s bite forces weren’t too strong, but we knew Allosinosaurus really couldn’t chomp harder than a lion, given its parent. The bulkiness didn’t help much either, considering how weak Allosino was in comparison to Lophosaur. Allosino, only having one true advantage, couldn’t really do much. While, yes, you could argue that It could easily win thanks to its armor and headbutting ability, it is way more focused on chomping. Plus, its horns weren’t very powerful in comparison to Triceratops’ or other ceratopsians. It could exploit Lophosaur’s very frail-for-a-large-carnivore’s build, if given the chance, which unfortunately would never come, making the winner of this rumble Tyrannolophosaur!


Do you agree with the results and calcs? Enjoyed the battle? Have suggestions for more? Leave them in the comments, and get ready for the next fight!

Next Time: Legendary Raptor Battle Royale


I have 1 question: How does Allosinosaurus only have a 500 pound bite force? @SonicNTGD

Damn, I’m always #TeamAllosino when talking about legendary chompers…

But I see one problem. The whole “bite force smaller than a Lion” is a quote from Planet Dinosaur. In the same show it was explained that Allosaurus didn’t need it, because he used his jaws in very special way. Instead of just biting his opponents like Rex, he used his jaws as an axe. He opened them very widely and then striked with an enormous force, causing deep wounds. Imo Allosino should attack in similar way. It could really change the result of battle

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Basically, Rex vs Allosaurus

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It’s very different from Rex vs Allosaurus. Tyrannoloph is basically a Rex with two crests, no difference.
But Allosino is an armored Allo with horns and neck frill. That’s a pretty big difference


When can I expect Goat vs T rex?

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@Earlidominus I’ll do one after the battle I’m doing today

Do you want it to be a normal goat or the Boss?

Do I need to do a QNA for this series, cuz even I’m confused sometimes

I thot allosino had a stronger bite force.

You choose

10 char

Eh I mean

—— - — --———— - —- ——————————————————————————

It’s not confirmed it’s more of a hotly debated topic


I did say, it’s a fact only according to Planet Dinosaur. Facts may be different


The problem is also that frill is another big weakness

I think I said the before in a thread long ago but apart from triceratops, most ceratopsians couldn’t really use there frill as protection for the neck, it was more like fake protection or like intimidation.

As seen here most ceratopsians (chasmosaurs or centrasaurs) had very large skull and frill the problem is those frill have gigantic holes

And while in life they would have been covered in skin and like flesh, that wouldn’t really help in a fight especially against a tyrannosaur ( gorgosaurus, lynthorax, albertasaurs, tarbo, or rex etc.)

Like compare theses two: pentaceratops and good old triceratops

On one had in skull sized and frill size penta takes The cake but the you realize that skull is so thin and has a gaint hole in the middle. On chomper and or hard pull from a big predator and well have you even snapped a cracker in half… plus it frill also goes straight up almost so it would have to look up for its neck to be protected.

Trike on the other had has yes a A significantly smaller skull and frill but it’s also thicker and is without any holes, just pure bone and it faces more back mean the neck is way more protected.

Now let’s take a look at allosino here

For one that frill is sooooooo far back on the skull like look at it! It looks like it goes out of the back of the head then goes out a bit then goes up. And you notice the frill doesn’t help protect the neck at all if anything those to horn or like keratin growths are doing a better job.

Plus the sinoceratops like basically everything in JP is greatly exaggerated

This is the one in the games

The movie version



Oh and also while it could have a thick hide, that what these are for

Ps: size matters


Thank you for great scientific facts!

Still, this frill must help Allosino in some way. At least at intimidating the opponent. It’s whole covered in spikes tho, so biting it must be careful.
Also these growths cover nearly whole upper part of neck. It must be really hard for opponent to attack it without breaking his tooth.
I know Sino was exaggerated, but this game is about Jurassic World. We must consider it true in lore, so in these battles too.
Allosino doesn’t have only a thick hide. He has osteoderms. While obviously not enough to stop Rex, it was for sure harder to get through it.
In JW lore the size difference isn’t that big. JWE is the only reliable source for that and it’s like that:
Rexsize Allosaurussize
As I said, osteoderms, horns and frill may be enough to negate the difference. Depends if using jaw as hatchet is true


I mean, the difference is big on my image too, but it’s an immature Allo. Allo G2 from BABG short movie is how big JW Allo really is


True but even then by jp lore that allo is still way smaller.

Thats what she said :wink::laughing:

As for the topic, irl, I would say Tyrannolo has to win. I aint exactly a dino trivia master, but that added T Rex DNA is enough to chomp on Allosino, esp. since its bite force is what, 10k-15k lbs? If this was in a JP/JW reality, Tyannolo would probably be able to spit venom, therefore making Allosino’s skin softer to bite.


We don’t know actually. We must have info about how big Allo from BABG is