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Tyrannolophosaur VS Allosinosaurus QNA (JWA Battles)

From here on out, I’ll post a QNA after each episode. The last one was pretty confusing, even for me, so by my own research (and from what the comments from the thread, made things so much easier!) I have found questions to answer.

  1. Can Tyrannolophosaur actually bite Allosinosaurus’ neck and successfully crack it?
    I know what I do in fights, but Erlikospyx biting off Thyla’s head, anyone? Zorion surviving a stab from Dracocerato? Yep, the fights aren’t meant to be realistic. But the answer is yes, Sinoceratops’ frill wasn’t as protective as Triceratops’ and therefore, couldn’t be protected from the neck. For example, Tyrannolophosaur would struggle against Monostegotops due to that, or even Stegoceratops for that matter. Without the proper protection, yes, Tyrannolophosaur could make soup out of that neck.

  2. Why is Allosinosaurus’ bite force so weak?
    I found that allosaurus’ bite force was actually around leopard level, which of course, was weaker than a lion’s. So yes, its bite force wouldn’t be anything special, giving it a major disadvantage. Even if it’s bite force was stronger, it couldn’t compete, since Dilophocould also bite, while Sino couldn’t, and T-Rex, anyone?

  3. Shouldn’t Allosinosaurus’ armor help it in the battle?
    Yes and no. Tyrannosaurus itself could get through armor thanks to its almost 7 ton bite force, but Tyrannolophosaur on the other hand would have some trouble. Long story short, it isn’t an ankylosaurus Tyrannolopsaur is trying to kill, so no, the armor wouldn’t be as big help.

Any other questions can be added into the comments, and I’ll get back to them before the Legendary Raptor Free For All is released. Stay tuned!


I don’t think so. Just look at these spikes. They would severely wound Tyrannoloph.

The hatchet theory I wrote about before.

Of course it should help. Probably wouldn’t change much, but still something