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Tyrannolophosaur vs Trykosaurus

Hello and welcome to episode 2 of JWA battles. Last time we saw Elikrospyx fight and bite and kill Erlidominus. Who will win in a battle of 2 tyrants.

Tyrannolophosaur stats

Height: 4.5m

Length: 9.1m

Weight: 4 tons

Bite force: 3 tons

Weapons: Teeth and claws

Advantages: Faster that’s all

Disadvantages: Shorter, no armour, weaker biter, smaller.

Name Meaning: Tyrant Crested lizard


Trykosaurus stats

Height: 4.8m

Length: 12.8m

Weight: 10 tons

Bite force: 5-6 tons

Weapons: Armour, Bite, teeth, spikes

Advantages: stronger bite, armour, bigger, taller

Disadvantages: slower that’s all

Name meaning: Throat spike lizard

The fight

A Trykosaurus had just finished scaring a trex and a bunch of pyrritators out of its territory when it heard a massive roar and the sound of a skull crushing. A tyrannolophosaur had killed a pyrritator. Slowly and carefully the trykosaurus stepped out of its territory and into Tyrannolophosaur territory. The trykosaurus found the skeleton of the pyrritator. The the tyrannolophosaur charged at it but the trykosaurus countered with a tail swing knocking out 8 of the tyrannolophosaur teeth. It bit the tyrannolophosaur and it rammed it several times into a tree with one of the thick spiny twigs impaling the tyrannolophosaurs crest. The trykosaurus tugged the tyrannolophosaur of snapping its crest and threw it to the ground with a thud. The trykosaurus slammed its tail onto the tyrannolophosaur several times killing it. The trykosaurus roars in triumph leaving the carcass to rot and leaving food for pyrritators.

The winner is:


I would love to see Antarctovenator VS Magnapyritor if that hasn’t been done yet.

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Fatality!!! Trykosaurus wins

Reminded of la series again

Brutal victory