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Tyrannosaur buff ideas

Start to publish ideas for how to to buff the Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 1

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Resistances vulnerable 100% and speed decrease 50%. That’s it.


Either Speed decrease immunity or Swap prevention, but that’s it. T-Rex is excellent the way it is


why would rex need a buff?


why 50% speed decrease? It’s completely useless on it


I generally used to think that Rexy needs a huge buff, because she is way weaker than allo gen 2 and acro, however after using her in skilled tournaments I figured out that she is still pretty good fierce creature especially after realising that she is able to destroy almost every single creature under 3600 hp on first turn with crit if not distracted. But even though Rexy is still userlful, in my opinion it would be very nice if she would recieve a stun resistance and a bit more hp, like 50 or so, what would make her better against resillients.

Immune to swap in stunning strike :slight_smile:


Its really the worst of the epic chompers. Espically if compared to the other two theropods allo gen2 and acro

I agree with everybody else that is the buff just resistance and FYI why does it need a buff up anyway

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yes but the problem isn’t rex, the problem is acro and allog2 being too good


Not really the only problem with those two is cleanse. Rex is just worse in every category except attack.

It would help it a bit in raids if paired with a decel user, but in pvp it’s useless. Rex doesn’t need a buff besides maybe vulnerability immunity, but it cleanses that with all its attacks anyway.

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Conditional abilities would be interesting - moves with different effects if the user has a certain debuff. This Rex rework allows it to reliably kill faster resilients without making nitro Rex unduly powerful.



While yes it doesn’t have the resistances of allo g2. It’s still one of the most powerful creatures in the game and probably the most common epic you will find on the map. So buffering it while in theory probably sounds like a good idea. In actuality it really isn’t

Acro and allo g2 deserve that because they are harder to find and create. Acro is local 3 spawn while allo g2 is event exclusive and it make sense that allo g2 >acro>Rex.

You’re right they deserve to be good, I just think they’re a bit too good, cleansing strike is a move that should’ve totally disappeared after the release of 2.0, just like immunity

This isn’t 100% true,I only find Tyrannosaurus rex gen 1 in special events, strikes or in campaign missions ,and first i unclouded Acrocanthosaurus, later Allo gen 2 and finally Tyraannosaurus Rex gen 2.

Gen 1, sorry

Rex is global spawn, restaurant spawn. I see him everyday on my map. Just pop up 1 giga scent and usually he’ll be there