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Tyrannosauridae Family

Indominus G2
Trex Tarbosaurus
Trex G2
Allosaurus G2

This bone breaking family will destroy all of the others teams shields. (dont know if this actually happening or not)

OG indom may get left out unless it gains DSS for coop.

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just realized that, how could they. It prob gonna get shattering. That would change the meta. An indominus that can do 4 times damage no matter what or if it boosted to max, an indom that can do 12,000 damage no matter what.

exactly why i think the G2 version shouldn’t have definite strike. but rather an armor piercing version of it.

very true, thats why it is better than indom 1 as much as I hate to say that but it can do two rampages in a row automatically because of it. Indom 1 should have a shattering impact or strike as well. Indom 2’s strike should be nerfed to all armor piercing due to mutual fury.

Unless it gets nullified by a swap in Pro or something.