Tyrannosaurus Rex epic

Keep getting hit by indominus rex. Cannot get one until my Trex is lvl 15, no Trex around so how am I meant to upgrade.

Drop down an arena, keep grinding and hunting. Many of us share your pain.
Invisibility isn’t always 100%, I still get lucky about 1/3 the time and kill the beast.

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do you go out hunting? trex is one of the most common epics around me anyways.


you are hunting for fire to fight fire, why not hunt for water?


Same way we all did. Get out there and hunt them down.

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The point of the game is to go out and find the dinosaurs that you want. Believe me T Rex is a real pain to track down but stay with it and you’ll get there.

who thinks trex should have atleast immunity? that would be one scary girl.

T-Rex now immune to stuns now?

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Trex is a global spawn and can be found anywhere, day or night. Just keep hunting around every day. Believe it or not, Trex is more reliable than Irex in most situations. He may be slow but everyone knows what’s coming and nothing can stop it… except a stun. And the crit RNG is heavily on your side. So keep powering up past 15.

im really debating if i should level it up to 25

if you have no other plans for her dna, i dont see a downside.

still have to create tryko but kentro dna is scarce. i could probably accumulate enough trex by the time i get the required kentro that i would need.

It is global spawn but you cannot find her at night time. She is day/ dawn/ dusk spawn.

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Sorry to disagree but I found a t-rex in the wild at around 22:00 gmt so they definelty do spawn at night

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Was it nest spawn?

You can spot trex nest, found one last night. They normally don’t spawn at night. Just dawn/day/dusk like cokie mentioned.

Yes, Restaurants can make them spawn at night

I’ve no idea I was just walking the dog and it appeared but I’ve noticed the last few days other good things spawning around the the same spot like a rare irritator and spinasouris (forgive the spelling if it’s wrong )

This is where it spawned at night and as you can see there’s nothing close that mite make it spawn there…I think Screenshot_20181019-223925_Maps

I remember catching several Trex, on different days, around the midnight hours.