Tyrannosaurus Rex epic

Now the next time I see one at night I’m taking a screenshot and posting it here so expect this topic to get an update in a few days/weeks/months time

Here is Metahub’s spawn list. It does say “To complicate things, we do see Dinos pop up in unexpected places. However, most spawns operate as expected, given the categories” so thay may explain why you guys have seen Rex at night time but mostly she is just day/ dawn/ dusk spawn and she spawns more often near restaurants even at night time.

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Restaurants, neighborhoods, schools, gas stations, parks, middle of highway, shopping plazas, secluded dirt road, church, my backyard, etc. Literally anywhere and at all hours. Never gets old spotting one though.

I kept leveling mine. I might have enough Kentro DNA by the time i reach level 30



^^^my motivation. im doing it!! but who to replace🤔

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Paha I know exactly where that is :joy:

Trex has been a pretty rare sighting for me lately, then i found 4 in the space of an hour. 3 within 1 mile of each other ,the 4th 30+miles away

There is a Koolasuchas Gen 2 event right now. Grab some and use it to nullify I-Rex cloaking.

So this is what it feels like to be stalked I’ve never seen it from the other side… I don’t like it

You’re alright it’s 25 mins away and I’m lazy :joy:


I’ve found many t Rex at night.

It’s hard for me to recommend swaps on teams because my team is kinda different than what most people would use and i have a different strategy with how i play. I’ll have to think about this for a little bit.

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Gigaspika for Trex!

Trade the tanking for brute force! Then you can save the DNA you would use on Giga to level Stegodeus faster ^_^!

Have those been nest spawns? Maybe I count too blindly on metahub’s list but usually it’s been reliable. And they said some dino’s might appear unusual times and to unusual places.

When you go out to dinner, periodically check the phone while simultaneously scolding the kids for using their phone at the dinner table lol.

T. rex has increased spawns at restaurant spins


I’ve found them at night too, but I do cross country drives with a work teammate at night so one of us just keeps the phone open. Since I play more at night, it’s likely I’ll see more than the average person at night

Okay, good to know. I stand corrected.

I am 13 yrs old and limited to dog walks nearby, that’s about 10 km daily. I am usually with one Rex in one tour. I sometimes ask dad to drive me around (he is not very happy with that … lol… he said that driving with car is same as cheating) and then I improve the number of darted epics.

I will say I frequently find Trex at night and in different locations. I drive about 30 miles home from work at night and often see 2