Tyrannosaurus Rex Health Buff


In the movies and other jp canon a rex would have no issue running down pretty much every creature in this game except for the super fast ones like raptors, ornithomimids and the terror birds/ predatory mammals. However game balance wise it would be extremely unfair for it to effectively 1-2 shot everything and outspeed them too.

I already got chills imagining t-rex doing ready to crush.

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I kinda wanna see a creature with a counter and a ready to crush added in the game.
Maybe like a super-hybrid between a diplovenator and baryonyx gen 1.
Definite Strike, ready to crush, instant distraction, distracting rampage, defense shattering counter and immune to stuns


In all honesty, Rex could use both a slight damage and sizeable health buff. Just seems wrong that a Tyrannosaurus rex has less health than a Dimetrodon or a Marsupial Lion.