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Tyrannosaurus Rex: Not good enough?

I think that they need to make T-rex a little better. he’s immune to nothing, (except vulnerability thanks to his Fierce moves) defense shattering + High attacks is the only reason he’s worth anything. he’s got average health for an epic, terrible speed, and no armor(obvious). I think they need to just specialize one of his moves. And let’s be honest, if you look at the scientific facts; he has the strongest bite of all terrestrial animals, and he is more intelligent than nearly all the other carnivores his size, and though not THE biggest carnivore, he is certainly not the last. Scientists have found that T-rex’s leg muscles are immensly strong, not nessacarily for speed but strength. his smell is one of the greatest in the animal kingdom, and has depth of field precision.
All in all, I think Ludia should consider re-evaluating T-rex and see what happens. I mean, he should be able to compete with Legendaries and Uniques!
Thanks for reading.

I see why you posted, but this would likely break the game. We had an Epic that did compete with Uniques (Yoshi a.k.a. Proceratomimus), and that thing was annoying. I love Trex myself, many do, but its not in a terrible spot. It needs buffs for a more specialized niche, but we dont need to put Rexy into a broken spot. I think it could go with an HP buff myself, and have it the tankiest Epic chomper, but it already has the second highest damage, tied with tenontorex and beaten only by Mortem Rex. So while it does need a bit of TLC, what you are saying is not TLC, but just breaking it. Rexy needs a niche for herself, and maybe something like Definite Impact instead of just Fierce could work, but I digress. Im fine with a buff, just not a break.

I see your point. thanks!

It’s good enough for what it is. Raw damage. The most I could see given to it is some speed to at least be faster than some resilients.

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Yeah, and that’s true. it would break the game. sadly, every game has it’s limitations.

Buff T. rex + Add Rexy

My sentiments exactly, actually made a post about it just a while back ^

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It seems you have yet to fight a 3400 atk 7k hp one. Its plenty strong enough.

With such high damage and speed, the Rex will have abysmal speed and is therefore subject to distraction, bleed, stun, critical reduction, dodge, etc. So not really that OP

Yeah except it kills whatever it hits even with dodge distract etc