Tyrannosaurus rex


Does anyone else find the t trex over kill


No no

Nononononoonononononononononononononononononono. No and yes I mean no


No as it is way to easy to k.o but if you use them correctly they can be a little tuff but still they go down to fast lol


What, my darling Rexy?


Noooooo, not at all :wink:

On a serious note, no. If anything the T-Rex, like the other large theropods (Tarbosaurus, Allosaurus, and Gorgosaurus) should probably have a +10% health boost, but otherwise she’s in a good place right now.


Shhh don’t boast on those kills, we don’t want a Rex nerf :grimacing: still I don’t understand why someone would bring a sinoceratops against a Rex, lol


I had to, I was simultaneously proud for my Rex and cringed for my opponent - that had to suck about as bad as a Velociraptor steamroll. It’s both a good thing and a bad thing (for me) that this was a rare occurrence. :wink:


In game, Rex is mostly used as a “tank with nasty huge pointy teeth” at higher levels, and at lower levels is used in an attempt to intimidate the opponent if a raptor isn’t handy. Tank it may be, but sometimes more of a “glass cannon” when things go south.

Most big tyrannosaurs like Gorgo and Tarbo (Rex wasn’t the only member of the tyrannosaur family) are like this as well. I’ve never seen Lythronax take down an opponent, its hp is too low, same as its speed. But then again, tyrannosaurs weren’t built for speed. And the Rex could open its jaws to an incredible angle of 80 degrees downward when biting. It was all brute force.


I agree tyrannosaurids’ Speed should remain low. Mostly my complaint is about their health. It’s high but not enough, lots of types of dinosaurs take a tyrannosaurid down fairly easily because without any type of armor or debuff to opponents, their health lowers very fast. I believe they need a bit more health to become versatile and useful in higher arenas.


What’s that dino in the second picture? Looks interesting.


It’s a Sinoceratops.


Sinoceratops? Is it any good?


Well, not judging from THAT performance.

But it’s not generally too shabby, going from memory (I’ve only fought two so far) but it splices with Allosaurus DNA to make something better.


Over kill? No…if anything the rex needs abit of a buff imo