Tyrannosaurus WRECKS: A blast from the past, or maximum regret?


Back in the 60s, Lindberg was one of the biggest manufacturers of plastic model kits next to Aurora, and this included DINOSAURS. They had quite a selection, It’s just a shame that whoever sculpted the molds for them was a horrible artist (Or in second grade). It is for this reason I still miss the old Aurora Allosaur I had (It was from the old movie “Valley of Gwangi”).

Here are some that were re-released by Lindberg, and are basically the same old kits. The only new ones that even look halfway decent were the T-Rex and V-raptor from the original JP film, back in 1993.

Here are a few of the horrors Lindberg still sells to impressionable kids as “scientifically accurate” to this day.

hee hee hee… ‘Life-like detail’…

“DERP… durhurrrrr” realistic Derp-y features, and optional “Creationist Caveman” figure for the science denying family in mind…

"Oh wow, man… The COLORS!! I… AM… METALUNA!!

Wow. They got this so wrong, I don’t know where to start…

*Okay, now I’m officially depressed…"

So according to Lindberg, all ceratopsians were able to grow their horns from tubes that protruded from their skulls? This is not how to science.

All of these kits are still made by Lindberg, and always end up in bargain outlets, like Big Lots or Ollie’s.

Stay away from these, unless you want something to show kids that back in the day, dinosaurs were treated with no respect. Maybe they could save themselves a little embarrassment by taking that “Made in 'Murica” label off of the box. Seriously. If American plastic kits are this crappy, it’s no wonder no one’s heard of Lindberg anymore.

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Lmao the horns on the triceratops has me dying :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah, I mean what is so hard about getting a competent sculpt or retooling a die? A high school shop teacher would take one look at these Lindberg kits and say, “NO. WRONG. DO IT AGAIN.

Okay, if you’re going to make fantasy recreations of what dinos didn’t actually look like, then make them sorta look cool… that way we won’t feel bad for spending money on them.


Like this Aurora Allosaurus…


Or this Monogram T-Rex.

Lindberg didn’t get the memo, apparently, because here are BOTH of their T-Rex models…

“I’m sorry, Dennis, you have to go. You’re the worst party clown we’ve ever hired.”

Unfortunately, this was still way too top heavy, and fell over forward, even when mounted.

And let’s not get started on Lindberg and how they think all raptors had a massive overbite problem…

“Raaaaar! I’m a Dinothor!! I’m Thuper-detailed!”


I want to see more model companies making retro stuff, but not Lindberg. They had one job to do, and they totally botched it.

Maybe some Polar Lights Land of the Lost Kits, based on the puppets of Grumpy the T-Rex and Big Alice the Allosaur?

good old Grumpy

Grumpy’s nemesis, Big Alice

And maybe do a series of Ray Harryhausen monsters, starting with Gwangi… yeah!


Well… looks like they already did. And it looks like I have something to shop for.

Until next time, happy hunting. And now, your “moment of zen”…

Before CGI effects, dinos were animated by hand. It was a slow, painstaking process.


I don’t know, I’d love to have some of those old Lindberg models just for the pure cheese factor. May have to see what Amazon has.


Save yourself some money. These can be bought for $5 or less at Ollie’s or Big Lots.


We have both of those locally. Off to the store! Tomorrow… after work. Lol


I’m replying to this thread because I honestly thought it was directed towards me.


Nope. Sorry for the misunderstanding. It wasn’t at all anything that concerned you. Sorry for the mix-up.


It’s about retro dinosaur models, and how one company in particular tends to really screw things up.


The ankylosaurus is spelled wrong on the package lol


Sacrilege! Burn the heretics!!


It’s not just models. Check out this early 90’s Euroclub edition and Dutch edition of the Jurassic Park novel itself.


Yes, but this is classic retro-style “creature feature” artwork. The lindberg model kits look like plastic replicas of really poorly made Halloween costumes, or those fiberglass mini-golf dinosaurs.


The dinosaurs on these book covers are fantasy depictions of prehistoric beasts, rather than scientifically accurate.



Dinosaurs within the crossover realms of Arena Rock and Sci Fi. This is the album cover from Blue Oyster Cult’s “Cultosaurus Erectus” LP. This would be an AWESOME PVC kit, if Kaiyodo or Polar Lights decided to make it a reality.


True. You do have a good point there.


This is the original painting that BöC used for the classic cover of “Cultosaurus Erectus”…

It’s called “Behemoth’s World”. This would make an excellent diorama kit.


@Nakro, here’s more dino nostalgia!


I will read over once I’m not so tired. Thanks for showing me you other pages! @Dalek62771