Tyrannotitans: family-friendly casual alliance is looking for 5 active players and a co-op, 7-7 tier prizes, tournament tier 8, discord raids

"We are a family-friendly alliance of busy working people, conflict free, politics free and always helpful

casual, but looking for a co-op

Alliance name: Tyrannotitans
Member Size: 48-50 usually, currently looking for 5 people
Arenas: 4 people in Gyrosphere, 10 in Library, 23 in Aviary, 6 in Lockwood estate
Weekly Rewards: 7 and 7
Tournament Tier rewards: 8 (on pace for tier 9, 500k)
Discord: highly encouraged, our server has in-game cash links, Ludia News, active raid coordination.
Most active raid time: 10am EST (3pm GMT)
Trophy Requirement: 3500
Level Requirement: 15+
Alliance Expectations
PVP: Trophies are established within 1 week of a new season. No DNA requests until you have PVP Trophies.
Tournaments: 10 takedowns per tournament
(failure to meet theses without prior communication (Discord or In Game Message) will result in removal from the Alliance)
Recruitment contact: Umai (discord Umai#3764) or leader Haunter (discord Cody#0232)

Hello there, i don’t meet the trophies or level requirements but i stay active and i make sure to complete my 10 takedowns of tourneys and i do have a discord