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He’s adorable! (Which, I know, isn’t relevant, but it’s true.)

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Im in love

Sweet! I had just enough t-rex gen 2 to create!

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Hey Hersh can u plz tell me the alliance name to join

Hi Mitul!

I’m sorry sorry, we filled up really quickly.
Would’ve loved to have you though : )

Hope you managed to find one

Np. Bit had asked u I advance too. When u had planned for it. Nvm

Sorry bud, had been directing everyone to my DM cuz it’s hard to follow requests on the individual threads.

All the best

I’m 20 DNA away from it. Does it have a frill by chance?



leaving it at 16 or leveling?

I think it’ll stay for now. I didn’t have as much monoloph as I thought I did :joy:

Sadly no it doesn’t have the frill but yes it’s awesome, it’s actually on my team as a tank buster and nullify in one…yes that’s right it can null lol.

It’s got great damage also!

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This guy is great. It can beat Tryostronix when facing head to head.

Had a player open with Indom against my Tyrannoloph and went straight for cloak, only having to come straight back down lol.

Love this thing! Cant wait till I get to use its unique!

Leveled to 20, tried it a few rounds and found it pretty decent. At least it has nullify and distraction for a chomper.