Tyrant 7

I think I agree with the 7 Dino’s included as the very best in the Metahub 1.5 ranking.

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I have to say I do also.

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who has the grypolyth though? who has tested it. i havent seen a picture of it yet.

There’s no debating or arguing on this post …


Right? lol, ppl must be asleep atm then

I think you guys nailed it for the most part…

Except for dracorex gen 2… shoulda been tyrant.

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100% agree with Draco Gen 2, we had an 2 day ongoing debate about it being tyrant or apex, I was on the Tryant side, but we out voted 6-8 :confused:

I agree with everything I haven’t seen to many dracorex gen 2 in the arena but the math alone makes me think it could go either apex or tyrant.

Lol i watched your vid… why i mentioned it though i do agree with you.

a good list. nothing much to debate further everything is in it’s place. maybe tenonto’s position is a LITTLE iffy but thats just gravy all the same great dino good work on the list

I think the list is pretty well thought out. But I was so sad to see Tuoramoloch in the same category as it’s ‘parent’ :sob:

I was hesitated about Erlidominus being Tyrant tier before this morning. When my Elridom desired to prove i’m wrong by keep landing a crit and dodging without getting hit to perfectly win 3-0

Dracorex gen 2 is really good, for the stats:

Level Health Damage
26 3000 1140

But I also agree it is Apex, not Tyrant, cause of lack of movekit.