Tyrant Predatorz is actively recruiting!

New Recruits Wanted!

The Tyrant Predatorz family is looking for members ready for the New Season.

Please Join our discord recruitment server for further details about joining




3 spaces available for G1
0 spaces available for G2

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I could do 6k at most😥

We are still looking for new members to join us next season.
We have space in G1. And if we get the right candidate we could perhaps get some space in G2.

Ok what discord username?

Mine is hellothiscoolswinub123

The link in the original post would bring you directly in to our recruitment server so we can discuss further. However 6k points is extremely low. (You automatically get 5k from take downs alone so you may not even be doing your takedowns?) So I don’t think we are going to be very well suited for you and there’s not any spaces in G2 right now anyway

Spaces still available so if you are interested, please join our discord server.

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what does g1 and g2 mean??

Gender? I think

I don’t know

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We are Two Alliances.

Tyrant Predatorz
Tyrant Predatorz G2

Hence G1 and G2.

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See above :sweat_smile:

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ahh i see…

Sadly no discord…

Anyone not started tournament yet but looking for an alliance, let me know

We are still looking for active tournament players to join our tier 9 alliance .

We are now looking for players ready for the new season. Top 15-20 Alliance, Tier 9 rewards. Looking for players who can average 10k weekly to join our already established team.

Spaces still available for the new season. Tier 9 alliance so looking for active players looking for a challenge

I can get 4K at best how does that sound?

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