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Tyrant Predatorz is open for recruits

Tyrant Predatorz has 2 rare openings.

We are 10/10 alliance with 3+ level 20 sanctuaries. Top 20 finisher in Alliance Championship rewards. Only rule is everyone is required to do a minimum of their 10 takedowns each tournament but encourage to do more if possible. Most importantly we have a discord server where all the fun is. Lot’s of great players willing to help with building your team and raids.

If interested in joining, leave a comment or shoot me a DM with a screenshot of your team and recent tournament scores.

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How much do you need to be active?

I’m every 2-3 days

But I play on the weekends for 2-3 hours

Hi @Sasuke_uchihha we are looking for daily active players. Any alliance that is reaching 10/10 will most likely be looking for the same thing.

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Is discord Mandatory?

I assume yes but I’m still curious

Hi @ind0raptor we do require discord.

ok cool thanks

We are now full. Thank you

Tyrant Predatorz is recruiting once again!

We are looking for a strong Tournament player that also wants to have fun :). Send me a DM if interested.

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Still looking for 1 member!


is there a spot still available?
I am active everyday will donate all that i can and im lvl 14 almost 15 with 3600 trophies, and will join discord

Still looking to recruit 1 player before the tournament beings tomorrow!

Want to be part of a top 20 alliance? Look no further we have 1 spot open for an active player who is likes to battle in the weekly tournaments!

Still looking for 1 player !

Dude I’d be down, just kinda terrified to because I don’t wanna get kicked from your alliance. I can do the tournaments every time, but other than that, I’m not too active thanks to school.

We are currently recruiting an additional 2 players! 10/10 weekly rewards, consistent Rank 9 championship, 3+ level 20 sanctuaries.

Please send me a DM about joining!


Looking to recruit 2 new active tournament battlers! DM me if interested in joining.



Are you looking for a top alliance? Tyrant Predatorz is looking for 2 players that enjoy tournament battles!

DM me if you are interested in joining.