Tyro damage calculation bug?

I just leveled My Tryo and now the base damage is 1424…

(ferocious strike) 14241.5 = 2136 … this checks out
(RTC) should be 2136
1.5 = 3204 … this should now be base even though RTC does no dmg
(DSR) should be 3204*2.0 = 6408 … this is not the non crit number I was getting in the towers I just completed

I was getting 5600 and change and i cant figure out why.


Misread that sorry lol. My bad.

this was hitting like 800 less…

ahh lol no problem

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Could be the same thing. There was rounding errors. These could be severe though.

All damage modifiers in the game are additive not multiplicative.
So ferocious + RTC would be 50% + 50%= 100% more(which means 2x the base damage).
So 1424 x 2 =2848 then x2 for dsr = 5696


but when I go FS into DSR it is 4272 which is base x 1.5 x 2 ? isnt that multiplicative? or are you saying that DSR isn’t really a damage multiplier in the same way as the ferocious increase or the RTC increase?

Rampages and Impacts are in fact the damage multipliers.(2x and 1.5x respectively). Buff and debuffs(ferocious and distracting) are additive and calculated before the move multiplier.

In that case its base +50% = new base. Then that is multiplied by 2 by the rampage.

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but new base +50% is not really the base +50% its your original base +100% is what you are saying?

so to get your tryo to crit 10,000+ you really need base to be 1667 not like 1495…?

The base +50% was the scenario in the post directly above it. (FS into DSR)

for a 10000 goal working backwards 10000/1.5(crit)=6666.66/2(dsr)=3333.33/2(fs+rtc)=1666.66
So yes 1667.

So buffs and debuffs are additive and are calculated before the move multipliers.
So other examples other than the 50%+50% of fs and rtc are:
+50% and -50% from maybe a distracting impact would cancel each other out and leave it at base.
+50% and -90% from an instant distraction changes to -40% so your new base damage will be .6 the normal base.

Then move multipliers are applied after the buffs and debuffs are calculated.

thanks… also explains how sometimes I still get rocked by a crit of more than 10% even when I apply Instant distraction. Happens to me now and again by diplo or gorgo.

Im pretty sure its base damage x 2 from rampage, then the +50%s stack so +100%, so the equation is 1424x2x2, pr the equivalent of 4x base damage, so ur damage output should be 5696

And… i just realized someone already answered :joy:

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thank you anyway!

Yeah, Tryostronix has been a mainstay on my team for ages, and the damage calcs confused me until I ran it through all the permutations and saw where it’s additive vs. multiplicative. If RTC and FS were compounding, then it’d be an even nastier beast than it already is. I boosted mine, now L29, as a Thor counter, and it’s downright devastating. Base attack with T5 boost is 1,731, so RTC + FS + Crit on DSR is 10,386 damage, but heh, if RTC+FS was compounding, it’d be 11,684 damage. Oi.

Incidentally, its current boosted+crit+RTC+FS damage at L29 puts it on top of the DSR pack even when you push Thor, T. Rex, and T. Rex Gen 2 to L30 with T10 attack boosts. As it stands, it’s bested only in total damage by Erlidom and Indominous coming off Cloak with crit, but they’re stopped by shields and armor (as well as Cloak or Evasive), whereas Tryo is stopped by only evasive moves… but only if you use it at the right time. Heh.

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