Tyro or gorg?

Was gna use dna for leveling megalo. Is he even worth it?

He isn’t great at first, but at 23 and after 19 Pyrritator got one shotted during today’s strike event, he finished it alone. I like him and his counter kicks butt.

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I would also like to know, tyro seems bad.

Tryo is on my team too, rtc has never worked well for me, but he does a lot of damage without it. Saving my Dimetrodon for magna now which is a task and I finally have a bunch of bary.

Kapro is the challenge for gorgo and megalo. Megalosaurus is a challenge too. Tryo is posti and bary which need dime and posto. Tryo and megalo don’t have shared ingredients.

In my experience, hanging around in the 41-4200 trophies in the arena, Megalo is amazing. But she doesn’t really start to be what you want/need until she hits roughly level 20. I’d say if you see enough of her components regularly to make and level her, go for it.

Megalosuchus is :revolving_hearts:

Immunity is important for a tank breaker

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Depends on leveling, at equal levels, tryo is better for sure. But if you can level your gorgo to level 20+ but your tryo is level 16, go for the gorgo.


I agree … whichever is easier for you to level higher


I think gorgo is way better to have than megalosuchus. Gorgo is faster, higher crit, bigger damage, defense shattering attacks, and can cleanse also. He can one-shot a lot of dinos if used correctly. The same goes for Tyro. You will want both on your team for higher arenas.

When you have Gorgo on your team try and leave one of the enemy dinosaurs at low health as a setup so you can bring in Gorgo, finish it off with Ferocious Strike to get your buff up, then proceed to one shot whatever next comes in lol.

Of course if it nulls or dodges then you might be in trouble lol.
Just don’t start with Gorgo, use as 2nd! Because pretty much every time I used it as an opener before I knew better, I died in 2 hits!

Tryo starts beeing useful after lvl 18. It’s best used if it’s faster than opponent dino. Is great against Rajakylo and Megalo with RTC and DSR.

Gorgo is a beast after lvl 20. Lvl 20 can one shot lvl 23 Stegodeus with DSR critical.