Ubetjurassican is almost full!

Were you hesitant to join a new alliance because it was too much of a gamble? GREAT NEWS! We are no longer just two girls, standing in front of a forum, asking you to love us! People thought we were crazy for leaving an active and known alliance to start our own, especially with so many people leaving the game. What kind of strategy is THAT?! But within one week we have 45 members, we reached 4/3 on alliance missions, we’ve got a very active discord, new buddies and we’re going strong. We have a very few spaces left for players who want to join our community. Are you on discord? Want to make new friends while you hunt and battle? Are you happy to help newer players grow their team and share your knowledge and tactics? PM me, heather or user1.


Glad to see that you were able to bounce back! :slight_smile:

We are awesome. Of course we were :smirk:

Bagoyee hmmm… :eyes:

Nice ! I applaud the success of your alliance!

Nothing. It’s all good