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UGC Dinos (User Generated Content Dinosaurs)

They Should Make A Studio That You Can Make Your Own Mesh And Textures Of Your Dream Dinosaur And Upload It To The Game. But First They Of Course Need To Check Every Single Model First Or There Will Be An Inappropriate Stuff. But If Your Dinosaur Pass The Security And Made It Into The Game, You Will Be Notified. And When Someone Wanted To Incubate It, You Will Get Their DNA’s As Return. You Also Can Change The Your UGC Dinosaurs DNA Price But They Also Need To Check Your Price. If The Price Is Ok, They Will Change It For You But If It’s Overpriced, They Will Change It Back To The Original Price.

What Do You Guys Think About This? Is It Good In Your Eyes Or Is It Bad?


It’s decent, but maybe there could be something of a contest, where you could enter one creation per contest, Ludia puts out a poll of the 3 (maybe 5) best ones, and let the other players vote. The one with the highest amount of votes gets selected and entered into the game.

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These ideas are great so I can show off my hybrid models!

you are a genius! thanks to your idea, eustreptospondylus, saurophaganax, hypsilophodon and a bunch of other dinosaurs could come to life in JWTG!

ludia, if you will listen to me, can you create eustreptospondylus with its same color and in tournament legend.

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Thanks I Have Some Feature Concept Too If Ludia Added This To The Game! The First Concept Is The Profile Of Your UGC Dinosaurs In The Dino Market! If You See At The Upper Of The Screen, You’ll See A Timer. It’s Called The Offsale Timer. The Creator Of The Dinosaur Can Setup The Timer So When It Hits Zero, It Will Goes Offsale. But If The UGC Dinosaur Didn’t Get Much People To Incubate It, The Admin Will Email You Saying That The Offsale Timer Has Been Setup By The Admins To The Dinosaur. This Will Prevent Lag Because Of Too Much Dinosaurs In The Dino Market. IMG_20210419_183657

How To Setup It May You Ask? Well, There’s A Button On The Bottom Of Evolution Button When You Press Your UGC Dinosaurs Paddock. And Yes, The Offsale Button Is The Same Size As The Evolution Button. But Unfortunately, I Can’t Get The Button Any Smaller.